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For many, the main reason to visit Flores is its proximity to Tikal, the most famous Mayan ruins in Guatemala, or as a starting point for trips around Petén. But the city itself is a wonder — dense with colonial, red-roofed buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, a historic church and Spanish plaza, and restaurants that are easy to stumble upon walking the city's charming streets. Most will find that this island city is more than just a take-off point, but a memorable attraction in itself.

Flores is a quiet and peaceful place, and probably one of the safest places in the sometimes wild north. Santa Elena and San Benito require a little more caution, but offer a more authentic experience of a Guatemalan town, complete with traffic, litter and street food.

Este viaje está disponible para desarrollarlo en dos días si te encuentras viajando desde La Ceiba Honduras o conexiones, puedes consultar con nuestro personal para brindarte la mejor opción.

Roneey Shuttle service cuenta con modernas unidades de transporte para hacer de esta experiencia algo inolvidable, nuestros conductores hablan ingles y español, ellos te ayudaran durante el transcurso del viaje y al momento de cruzar la frontera.

Te recogemos en cualquier hotel u hostal donde estés ubicado en la ciudad de La Ceiba, partiendo hacia Rio Dulce Guatemala, de donde pagamos por tu alojamiento en dormitorio compartido, el siguiente día por la mañana te recogemos en tu hostal y llevarte a la estación de buses de FDN donde te proveemos del ticket de viaje, saliendo de Río Dulce a las 9:00am y llegando a Flores a las 3:30pm


We run this service all days of the week.

Ruta 5 - Honduras to Guatemala
From: La Ceiba, Honduras
To: Flores, Guatemala
Departure time: 9:30am & Expected arrival time: 6:00pm
Travel time: 09:30 hours aprox.
Connection: Río Dulce - Shuttle - Next day, travel time 6 hours.

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It is important that you make your reservation in advance of the scheduled date of the trip, we also remind you that the discount applies only to the seat between the driver and the co-pilot.

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