D&D Brewery

About the Trip

We take you to know one of the wonders of Honduras, Lake Yojoa.

We pick you up at the dock of la ceiba when the ferry of utila and roatan arrive.

Our service include: Two drivers (for safety, we switch driver), A/C, movies and comfortable seats.


Our shuttle takes you to La Ceiba, to the hostel of your preference, from D&D Brewery, Lake Yojoa Honduras every day.

Rute 3 - Honduras to Nicaragua
From: La Ceiba, Honduras
To: Lago de Yojoa, Honduras
Departure time: 9:30am & Expected arrival time: 2:30pm
Travel time: 05:00 hours aprox.

Next trips to León scheduled

We will depart from La Ceiba, Honduras on:

Tuesday, October 22nd
Wednesday, October 23rd
Thursday, October 24th
Friday, October 25th
Saturday, October 26th
Sunday, October 27th
Monday, October 28th

Pay Method & Fare

For greater security at the moment of canceling the rate, you can do it through PayPal® and at the same time you are reserving the seat (s) of your preference.

In case you prefer to do it in cash, we inform you that you can not make the reservation from our portal, for this reason, we recommend that you get in touch with our staff who will gladly provide you with the necessary help by phone call, email info@roneeyshuttle.com or media message by WhatsApp®.

It is important that you make your reservation in advance of the scheduled date of the trip, we also remind you that the discount applies only to the seat between the driver and the co-pilot.

Seats and Reservations

Rates: » Normal seat US$45.00 » Discount seat US$36.00
Note: Select a scheduled date for the trip.

Available with normal rate
Available with discount rate
Date selected: 2019-10-22

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Need Help with our shuttle or rental services?

+504 3313-6948


+504 3313-6948