San Jorge

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Traveling from La Antigua to San Jorge, Rivas Nicaragua by shuttle buses.

We offer in 2 days trip from Antigua, departing at 5:00 am arriving around 11:00 pm to Leon (accommodation in fan dorm included), Next day Departing from Leon at 9:30 am, arriving around 12:00 Mid-day to San Jorge, Rivas. We can Drop off at the ferry port to take the ferry to Ometepe Island.



We offer this service every day. Please be ready 30 min before the departure time schedule.

Rute 1 - Guatemala to Nicaragua
From: Antigua, Guatemala
To: San Jorge, Nicaragua
Departure time: 5:00 AM
Travel time: Day 1, 18 hours to Leon - Day 2, 5 hours to San Jorge
Rate per person: US$100.00

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Saturday, June 10th

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