D&D Brewery

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We take you to know one of the wonders of Honduras, Yojoa Lake. Visit D&D brewery with our Daily shared shuttle From La Ceiba to Yojoa Lake.

We pick you up at La Ceiba ferry Port in La Ceiba when the morning ferry from Utila arrives and drop off at La Guama, from La Guama you can take a Local bus or a Taxi to D&D Brewery.

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Rute 3 - Honduras to Nicaragua
From: La Ceiba, Honduras
To: Lago de Yojoa, Honduras
Departure time: 8:30 am
Travel time: 06:00 hours aprox.
Rate per person: US$45.00

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Rates: » Price per person US$45.00
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Map - La Ceiba to Lago de Yojoa

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