Semuc Champey

About the trip

Traveling from La Ceiba to Semuc Champey, Guatemala by shuttle buses.

2 days trip from La Ceiba to Semuc Champey. First day departing from La Ceiba at 8:00 am arriving around 6:00 pm to Rio Dulce (accommodation in fan dorm included), The next day Departing from Rio Dulce at 11:00 am from the Meeting point " Colifato Restaurante y Cafeteria"  to Semuc arriving around 6:00 pm 

For this Service we require 4 persons minimum

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We run this service Three Days a Week: Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Check availability Now. (If coming from Roatan please contact us before booking)

Rute 5 - Honduras to Guatemala
From: La Ceiba, Honduras
To: Semuc Champey, Guatemala
Departure time: 8:30 am
Travel time: 2 days Trip
Rate per person: US$110.00

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Monday, October 2nd
Wednesday, October 4th
Friday, October 6th

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Rates: » Price per person US$110.00
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Map - La Ceiba to Semuc Champey

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