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We help you to get to Utila or Roatan with our direct shuttle from León Nicaragua, to La Ceiba Honduras in one day, Book now your Shared Shuttle to Honduras. Direct trip, door to door service, shuttle with Ac, Pulman seats, 110 Volts outlet to connect any device.

We also offer:

Shuttle from Granada, Nicaragua to La Ceiba, Honduras (Utila or Roatan)

Shuttle from San Juan de Sur, Nicaragua to La Ceiba, Honduras (Utila or Roatan)

Note: Special offer for Reopening (Roneey shuttle Leon, Nicaragua)


-Please, check travel requirements before booking.

-Arrival time for the ferry to Utila or Roatan depends on the border crossing and traffic

-Seats Shown in the booking section are only used as a reference for number of seats available.



we offer this service three days a week: TUESDAY - THURSDAY - SATURDAY

Rute 4 - Nicaragua to Honduras
From: Len, Nicaragua
To: La Ceiba, Honduras
Departure time: 3:30 am
Travel time: 14:00 hours approx.
Rate per person: US$80.00

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We will depart from Leon, Nicaragua on:

Tuesday, July 23rd
Thursday, July 25th
Saturday, July 27th
Tuesday, July 30th
Thursday, August 1st
Saturday, August 3rd
Tuesday, August 6th
Thursday, August 8th

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